A comprehensive practice-based training course
in child therapy

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Join us for a 4 Day Training Program, ‘The Child Therapy Training School’ specifically designed to help you explore your career path, acquire field oriented skills, gain knowledge beyond books and theories, discover your psychological persona through introspective thinking, and get personalised feedback!



"If you ever get the opportunity ti do this training course with Trijog, please do it! I can honestly say that I feel privileged to be the first batch."
Priyanshi Cholera
"I would highly recommend this training, not only because there is very less theory and most of it is practical training, but also because of the interactive approach they took-- we had breakout rooms, quizzes, role-playing. It was informative but also so much fun!"
Saloni Bhutra
"The course was really excellent, I learned a lot. I love the interactive way in which the course was conducted. We had breakout rooms and there was always space to be heard."
Paroma Sengupta


Anureet Sethi

Founder & Chairperson
HOD Podar Ed. Network
Clinical and Rehabilitation Psychologist (35 years)

Madhura Patwardhan

Senior Manager
Learning & Education Wing, Trijog
Art Based Therapy Practitioner

Isha Haria

Senior Manager Child Wing, Trijog
Behavior Therapy Expert

Revati Raja

Sr.Psychologist & Manager Child Wing, Trijog
Behavior Analyst (ABA)

Renuka Gune

Senior Manager Child Wing
Behavior Therapy Expert, Trijog
ABT, REBT & GACT Practitioner


  • Resource Material
  • Certificate On Competition
  • Pre/Post Training Tests
  • Games & Debates


  • Authentic Knowledge & Certificate In Field Work
  • Interact & Network With Fellow Budding Psychologist
  • Explore your career path & personal feedback
  • Best Industry Therapist With Common Goal

Ready to upgrade your skill-set as a child therapist?

Get your tickets for ₹5000 ₹3,500 with code: CTEarly15 Limited tickets available!
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