Integrating Psychology within Human Resource Practise

A comprehensive 2 Day Training Program for HR managers

Join us for a 2 Day Training Program, ‘Integrating Psychology in Human Resource Practise’ – specifically designed to equip HR managers and executives with the skill set required for understanding and managing the employee mindset. A comprehensive strategy-based, technique-driven training, it trains participants in skills ranging from employee emotion management, enhancing employee interpersonal connect, providing a non-judgemental environment to share concerns to active listening, recognizing and replicating support, verbal / non-verbal communication and giving effective feedback.

When: 7th and 8th November from 11:00AM-2:00PM.


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Arushi Sethi

CEO & Co-Founder at Trijog
Board Of Member - World Federation Mental Health
Chairperson-Youth Federation For World Federation Mental Health

Kakul Faruqi

14+ Years Of Experience.
Gold Medalist Psychologist (Clinical)
REBT Practitioner,
Albert Elis Institute, New York & CBT Practitioner.


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